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Volume 7 - ISBN-10: 0-9774851-6-1

ISBN-13: 978-0-9774851-6-1



Kim Krizan: Hugh’s Stand—Revelations of a letter from Hugh Guiler to Anaïs Nin
Paul Herron: Leaping Ahead of Reality—Hugh Guiler's diary
Deirdre Bair: The Making of Anaïs Nin: A Biography—Paul Herron interviews Deirdre Bair
Anaïs Nin: L’Homme Fatal—From the unpublished diary
John Ferrone: The Making of Delta of Venus
Angela Meyer: Anaïs Nin’s Delta of Venus—Feminine identity through pleasure: a mini analysis
Dawn Kaczmar: Irigaray and Nin Through the Looking Glass—Mimetic re-appropriation of the masculine discourse
Adrian Haidu: A Masculine Perspective of Woman—(Considered as a perspective)
Joel Enos: Flow and Moments of Arrest—Anaïs Nin’s boat imagery
Cari Lynn Vaughn: A Literary Love Triangle—Henry Miller, Anaïs Nin and D.H. Lawrence
Tristine Rainer: Les Mots Flottants—Anaïs Nin’s Diary 2
Sarah Burghauser: Ouroboros and Disorientation—Profile of a Nin lover
Laura Marello: Anaïs Nin and Her Contemporaries—Ahead of their time
Daisy Aldan: Three poems from the end
Marc Widershien: Four poems from Maine
Sharanya Manivannan: Possession
Connie Baechler: Overlay
Reviews and other items of interest: The Mistress Cycle, The Heretics, Ferlinghetti, internet links
FRONT COVER: Anaïs Nin, Provincetown, 1940s.  
BACK COVER: Hugh Guiler, 1940s.  


DAISY ALDAN (1918-2001), poet, publisher, translator, and teacher, was a longtime friend of Anaïs Nin. Her poems in this issue are drawn from Collected Poems of Daisy Aldan (Sky Blue Press, 2002).

CONNIE BAECHLER’s work has appeared in several publications and has won numerous awards. She is the editor of Zona Rosa Books, and her comic novel about a woman dating HIMS (Highly Inappropriate Men), is under representation.

DEIRDRE BAIR is the critically acclaimed and prize-winning author of four biographies and a cultural history of divorce. She is the biographer of Anaïs Nin, Samuel Beckett, Simone de Beauvoir, and C.G. Jung. She has been a literary journalist and a university professor of comparative literature. At present, she is completing a biography of the artist Saul Steinberg.

SARAH B. BURGHAUSER, after completing her undergraduate education at Muhlenberg College, went on to earn her M.A. in Literature and Culture at Oregon State University, and her M.F.A. in Writing at California Institute of the Arts. Currently, she is on the adjunct faculty at Calarts, and is working on her first book.

JOEL ENOS is a writer and editor whose work has appeared in Wired and Playboy. He is editor for the U.S. release of Novala Takemoto’s Missin and edits comic books, Naruto and Stan Lee’s Ultimo. His graduate thesis from San Francisco State University is a study of the fantastical and psychological themes in Anaïs Nin’s fiction.

JOHN FERRONE, former Harcourt editor, worked on Anaïs Nin’s Delta of Venus, Little Birds, and Henry and June. His article, “The Making of Henry and June, the Book” can be found in A Café in Space, Vol. 4.

ADRIAN HAIDU, born in Galati, Romania, studied Romanian and English literature at the Bucharest University of Letters. He has written for local journals such as Doamna Grasa and [Inter]sections.

DAWN KACZMAR, who received a B.A. in Philosophy and French from Beloit College, started reading Anaïs Nin when she was fifteen, using paper bags as book covers to disguise the titles among mixed company. She has since developed an interest in the intersections of sexuality and identity within logic, truth and discourse.

KIM KRIZAN is the Oscar-nominated screenwriter of the films Before Sunrise and Before Sunset. Her Master’s thesis, “Anaïs Nin and the Psychology of Creativity," appeared in ANAIS: An International Journal and, most recently, her comic book, “Zombie Tales: 2061,” was published by Boom! Studios. She teaches creative writing and screenwriting at UCLA Extension.

SHARANYA MANIVANNAN is the author of a book of poems, Witchcraft. She is working on a novel and a second book of poems, and can be found online at

LAURA MARELLO recently published her novel Claiming Kin. She is the author of several novels, a collection of stories, a memoir and a screenplay. She has been awarded several fellowships and grants, and residencies at MacDowell Colony, Yaddo, Millay, and Montalvo.

ANGELA MEYER is a Melbourne-based writer, reviewer and editor. She has been published in Hecate, The Sex Mook, Southerly, Wet Ink and others. She is acting editor of Bookseller+Publisher magazine and blogs at

TRISTINE RAINER , who was mentored by Anaïs Nin, is author of The New Diary and Your Life as Story. She has taught literature at UCLA, written and produced award-winning TV movies, and for the past eleven years has taught at USC. She was a panel member at the “Anaïs @ 105” event in Los Angeles and keynote speaker at the National Journal Conference in 2008. She presently coaches memoir writers.

CARI LYNN VAUGHN received her B.A. in English from Ohio State University and her M.A. from University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She is author of three books: Radiant Darkness, Journey Without A Map, and Persephone’s Echo.

MARC WIDERSHIEN lives in Maine, where he is a freelance writer, teacher and musician, and works with autistic children. His interview with Martin Bookspan, musicologist and former voice of Lincoln Center, will soon be published. He was a friend of poet Daisy Aldan.

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