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Available now: Mirages: The Unexpurgated Diary of Anais Nin, 1939-1947

The print version of Mirages can be ordered at a discounted price on Amazon.com as well as the Kindle version. If you have another e-reader, click here.

It has been 17 years since Anais Nin's last unexpurgated diary was published, but the wait is over. Mirages tells the story that was left out of The Diary of Anais Nin, volumes 3 and 4, which cover the same time period. The diary opens when Nin arrives in New York after fleeing the war in France, where she had been for some 16 years, her way of life shattered. She had to recreate her life in the harsh climate of New York City, where her writing was spurned, and her ongoing relationship with Henry Miller was dying. In order to cope, she began losing herself in one sexual relationship after another, convinced that somewhere out there was the "One," the man who could answer her voracious need for connection. One of these men was the young Gore Vidal.

Of all the men Nin was with during the 1940s, Vidal was, she felt, the one who truly understood her, whose thought processes matched hers. A love affair began, but one unlike all the others because Vidal was homosexual, a "condition" Nin was convinced analysis could reverse. Many of us are aware of how Vidal castigated Nin in his memoirs, but in Mirages we find out the truth behind the vitriol.

Mirages is the record of a torturous journey through what Nin called the "American desert," one of grief, exhaltation, suffering, miraculous inspiration, and in the end, redemption. A must-have.

"Nin fans will embrace the book’s emotional intensity and sensuality"—Publishers Weekly

“Readers will find Nin a most entertaining companion—her multiple simultaneous relationships with men, her gleefully graphic descriptions of sex acts.... In one late entry, Nin complains, mildly: ‘My world is so large I get lost in it’; readers will do the same—and gratefully so.”Kirkus Reviews

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Out Now:

A Cafe in Space: The Anais Nin Literary Journal, volume 10


Our 10th issue is filled with explosive material about Anais Nin's relationship with Gore Vidal, which has been debated for decades. Vidal charged Nin with being a habitual liar who mischaracterized their relationship, charges he made repeatedly even long after Nin's death in 1977. Kim Krizan has uncovered evidence about the truth of the relationship, and it does not match Vidal's version. An excerpt from the upcoming Mirages: The Unexpurgated Diary of Anais Nin, 1939-1947 (Ohio University Press/Sky Blue Press) describes how Nin and Vidal quickly forged a deepening relationship shortly after meeting. Also in this issue is a graphic novel version of Nin's "Under a Glass Bell," written by Joel Enos and illustrating by Fawn Meng. More than 150 pages of essays, photographs, poetry, reviews, and an index to all 10 volumes of A Cafe in SpaceSecure your copy now by clicking here.

NOTE: Volume 10 is now available in digital format; click here and start reading TODAY.

More from Sky Blue Press

Sky Blue Press has released Britt Arenander's Anais Nin's Lost World: Paris in Words and Pictures, 1924-1939, on Kindle, which is a guidebook containing information and photos of Anais Nin's and Henry Miller's haunts during their Paris years. Included in the book are vintage images of some of the most famous locales, street maps, and an interactive map that allows one to take a virtual walking tour following Nin's and Miller's footsteps. Any fan of Nin, Miller, or Paris will find this unique book an in-depth and fascinating resource.

Anaïs Nin: The Last Days  is a memoir by Barbara Kraft, who spent a great deal of time with her mentor and friend during the last two years of Nin's life. Kraft has done what no biographer, no scholar, no colleague could: capture Nin's indomitable spirit, her refusal to succumb to the disease that ulimately took her life. Kraft's portrayal of Nin and her lover Rupert Pole, who went to superhuman lengths to care for Nin, is done with raw eloquence. An important document of this mysterious time in Nin's life. To read a substantial excerpt from the book, visit The Huffington Post.

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